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Philadelphia's All Transit Performance Score is Top 10 in the U.S.

The AllTransit Performance Score is an overall transit score that looks at connectivity, access to jobs, and frequency of service.

Philadelphians spend the least amount of time wasted in traffic compared to major U.S. cities

Before the pandemic abruptly halted daily commutes, the average time wasted in traffic by Philadelphia commuters in 2019 was 63 hours. That is 56 hours less than Los Angeles commuters (119), 42 hours less than DC commuters (105), 33 hours less than New York City commuters (96), and 23 hours less than Boston commuters (86).


The Philadelphia region is the Commonwealth’s key economic engine. THE FIVE COUNTIES GENERATE 42% OF STATE’S ECONOMIC ACTIVITY WITH 32% OF ITS POPULATION ON 5% OF ITS LAND. This degree of economic productivity and density is not possible without transit to efficiently move people throughout the region.

SEPTA's Wayfinding Master Plan

SEPTA Metro routes carry hundreds of thousands of people per day and form the core of our city and regional transportation network. With frequent service around the clock, this network is critical for essential workers, shift workers, students, 9-to-5 commuters, or just people running errands and seeing friends.

Infrastructure and Transportation: SEPTA's Bus Revolution

Bus Revolution will be a 3-year process, beginning with two years of planning and analysis while the third year will focus on implementation.