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2021: Philadelphia’s Best Year for VC Deals Ever, with $3B Already Invested

Following a wildly good first quarter for venture capital deals in 2021, the region continues to hold strong with nearly $1.2 billion in venture capital brought to area companies in Q2.

Philadelphia continues to see a mostly upward trajectory in deals, since a banner year of more than $2 billion in deals in 2019. In 2020, the region saw $1.47 billion in venture capital, despite the pandemic halting deals for a short time.

The region is already on track to beat both years, and see the greatest number of dollars of all time with a total of more than $3 billion already invested in the first half of the year. Deal counts are also up this year, with $516 million across 32 deals in April, $421 million across 24 deals in May and $243 million across 23 deals in June of this year.