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Philadelphia Brand Toolkit

Use these messaging guidelines to apply the Philadelphia brand to your project or purpose. Download the guide for quick reference while planning marketing strategies, and share it with colleagues working to attract or retain business, talent, and investment to our region.

Making the Case

Philadelphia is where creative, determined, and collaborative people come to live, work, play, and make a lasting impact.

We’ve got a lot to brag about.

To help our region gain the attention and investment it deserves, we have to tell the world about it.  And the most effective strategy for shaping how others see us is for everyone to use a similar narrative—sharing a proud, passionate, and consistent story with our neighbors around the globe.

The resources in this toolkit have been collected from stakeholders across the region to help you make a case for your own project or purpose.  A shared and cohesive message will help us influence a new perception of Philadelphia, attracting investment and businesses, retaining talent, and empowering our communities with an identity that focuses on our promising future.

How To Use The Toolkit

New to branding or storytelling?  We created a handy step-by-step guide for using this site to make your case.

Brand Pillars

1. Passion: Philadelphia’s passionate attitude and bold personality set it apart.

2. Legacy of Ingenuity: Philadelphia’s rich history and ongoing legacy of ingenuity propel it into the future.

3. Diversity: Philadelphia’s diversity and multiculturalism are what make the community dynamic.

4. Human Connection: As a big city with a small-town feel, the Philadelphia experience is all about human connection.

5. Livability: Relative to other metros, Philadelphia is often touted as a livable and manageable community where residents can thrive.

The Region's DNA

Philadelphia's brand tenets, passion, ingenuity, human connection, diversity, and livability on a DNA strand

The Philadelphia region's DNA, which is made up of our five brand pillars, is what collectively differentiates us from other cities and regions. While each brand pillar may not apply equally across all target audiences, we can use these pillars as reference tools to present ourselves with the greatest impact and give ourselves credit for everything that helps to make us unique.

Brand Narrative

Philadelphia: Where passion fuels possibility

Philadelphia is a region fueled by passion.

Passion and determination to challenge the status quo, think differently, and push forward together.

Passion to invent—from American Democracy to breakthrough cancer-curing treatments.

Passion and ingenuity to get things done, to generate a lot from a little, to create anything from nothing.

Passion and enthusiasm to engage with the diverse people, arts, and cultures that give our region its heartbeat.

Passion to make a difference in a city that is small enough so you can make an impact, but big enough that your impact matters.

Passion to connect with those around you and give back to the community you call home.

Passion is—and always has been—the fuel that sparks revolutionary possibility in Philadelphia.

Brand Tone

We are AUTHENTIC, not contrived.

We are BLUNT, with no time for pretense.

We are ENGAGING, not passive.

We are RULE-BREAKERS, not followers.

We are HUMBLE, but still proud.

We are PASSIONATE, but not overbearing.

We are PERSONAL, but not intrusive.

We are DETERMINED, and never quit.

Brand Values

We deeply CARE about the people around us and the things that interest us.

We HUSTLE to ensure that we achieve our goals.

We HONOR our past, but learn from it.

We embrace DIVERSITY in people, culture, and perspective.

We are NEVER COMFORTABLE with the status quo.


Keywords to Use
Abundant Innovative Proud
Accessible Industrious Strong
Culturally Vibrant Latitude Supportive
Delicious Loyal Thriving
Diverse Opportunity Truthful
Established Passionate Welcoming
Historic Possibility Well-rounded
Hustle Progressive  


Words to Avoid
In Place of This... Use This...
Red letter X in check box Blue Collar Green checkmark in a checkbox Industrial Artisans
Red letter X in check box Rule Breakers Green checkmark in a checkbox Innovators
Red letter X in check box Small Green checkmark in a checkbox Intimate, Accessible
Red letter X in check box Up-and-Coming Green checkmark in a checkbox Established, Industrious
Red letter X in check box Blunt Green checkmark in a checkbox Genuine, Authentic
Red letter X in check box Tough Green checkmark in a checkbox Resilient
Red letter X in check box Gritty (the adjective) Gritty, the Philadelphia Flyer's mascot clip art Gritty (the Flyer's Mascot)


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