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About PGIP

The Philadelphia Global Identity Partnership (PGIP) is a collaborative of dozens of local organizations, businesses, and civic leaders who seek to shape a new narrative about our region’s identity. Through The Philadelphia Story toolkit, we are collecting and sharing stories, data, and perspectives to support work that elevates Philadelphia’s place on the global stage.  We have also established a brand narrative for the region, supported by extensive research by the Brownstein Group, to help stakeholders tell a unified story.

PGIP was born out of Philadelphia’s acceptance into the Brookings Institute’s Global Cities Initiative, a pilot program designed to provide select metropolitan areas with a framework to develop their global brand identities and narrative.

Our mission is to support and promote Philadelphia through a shared, cohesive brand that positions the region as a top-tier global destination for business, talent, and investment.


Our vision is to develop, motivate, and share opportunities for stakeholders to access the Philadelphia brand narrative and tools to better tell the region’s story in effective and cohesive ways.    As Philadelphia’s residents, businesses, institutions and organizations adopt and champion the brand to advance their own goals—including retaining and attracting a diverse array of businesses and talent and positively impacting innovative opportunities—this unified effort and collective voice will position the region to reach its greatest potential.


The key objectives of PGIP are to:

  • Foster a greater sense of identity and civic pride
  • Establish a common language that can be used by residents and professionals to articulate what makes the region special
  • Help tell a story that will attract and retain business, talent, and investment.

PGIP is a collective of nonprofits, businesses, government agencies, and individuals who are passionate about the Philadelphia region. Over 40 organizations participate in this collaborative effort.